The world changes quite a bit in 50 years: technology, society, fashion, trends…

We at Spectrum Healthcare know about changes, because we’ve been serving the needs of the Verde Valley Community since 1965. Our non-profit organization began as the Verde Valley Guidance Clinic, an organization dedicated to bringing much needed behavioral care services to the area.  And, as the years passed and our community grew, so did we. We listened to our patients and our neighbors and added programs and services to address the growing needs of the community, services to help improve the lives of those in the Verde Valley.

In 2009,  we took our belief that healthcare should encompass the whole body and added Primary Care to our list of services. We are proud to be one of the first healthcare organizations in Arizona to offer Integrated Care; a multifaceted approach to your healthcare needs, all under one roof.

And although our services are always evolving and growing to better serve the needs of our patients, some things will always remain the same, like what we, at Spectrum Healthcare, believe:

We believe that healthcare should always be about the patient.
We believe that the best results are achieved by combining behavioral health with primary care to address the entire need of our patients.
We believe in providing quality healthcare in a warm, safe, comfortable environment.
We believe in a team approach.
We believe that wellness is a goal worth working toward.
We believe that everyone deserves to feel better.