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Mental Health First Aid

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Mental Health First Aid-Arizona Integrated Healthcare

First Aid training is important: from how to treat cuts and burns to the big medical emergencies that require CPR; a knowledge of First Aid can prevent serious illness and save lives.

But what about the situations that no Band Aid or antibiotic ointment can fix? Things like panic attacks, anxiety and other mental challenges that occur every day in homes, workplaces and schools everywhere. Would you be able to come to the aid of a co-worker,  friend, or family member? Would you know the signs to look for? Most people don’t, which is why Mental Health First Aid is so important.

Mental Heath First Aid is a day long course that teaches you how to recognize the signs of distress and help someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. At Spectrum, we think the tools taught in this course can help anyone and we provide Mental Health First Aid training all throughout our community and beyond. Regularly scheduled training takes place the first Friday of each month at our Cottonwood location and classes are FREE to attend. Contact Richard Dehnert at 928-634-2236 for more information or if you’d like to bring Mental Health First Aid training to your organization.


Integrated Healthcare and Butterflies: healthcare verde valley arizona

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The first official day of anything is exciting. It’s the day you embark on a new journey and, if the journey has been thought-out and planned and worked on for months and months, it’s hard to keep the butterflies in your belly from doing excited somersaults.

Our new Spectrum Healthcare medical building officially opened on Monday, and by the excitement, you would have thought our butterflies were competing in the Olympics.  To everyone who worked so tirelessly on making this a reality, thank you. To be able to give our patients a beautiful healthcare facility in the heart of the Verde Valley, where both the medical and mental health needs of patients are cared for with kindness and respect, all under roof, is a pretty great thing.

Who wouldn’t get butterflies over that?

(Note: Keep October 9th open on your calendar; we will be hosting a Community Open House and we can’t wait to show you around!)

spectrum healthcare cottonwood arizona

Spectrum Healthcare integrated healthcare arizona

Last week’s staff open house, where family and friends could drop in, have lunch, and experience what we’ve been so excited about.



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