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The NEW Spectrum Healthcare App

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We are SO excited to announce that our new Spectrum Anywhere Healthcare app is live! What does this to mean to YOU? It means that you have access to a Spectrum healthcare provider from the privacy of your home, office, car…anywhere you are! You can download the app for any mobile device from iTunes or Google Play. Sign up is fast and easy and takes just a minute.
Now, where YOU are, we’re there, too, ready to help you feel better.

Click HERE for the Google app

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Helping Patients Get What They Want

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Life moves fast, and the older we get, the faster it seems to move. Time spent with work, family, children and the day-to-day responsibilities involved with simply living on this planet means that most of us look at the clock at some point during the day and say in disbelief, “Is it that time ALREADY?” In fact, American moms report having just 36 minutes of free time per day.

So when it comes to making choices in healthcare, it’s no wonder patients opt for convenience. Finding healthcare that fits with busy schedules, yet affords patients the same conveniences they find in other areas of their life, has never been more important. In fact, in a recent 2016 study, researchers, responding to the ever-changing healthcare climate, set out to discover what is most important to consumers when it comes to their healthcare needs. The study focused on people from all walks of life: varied age groups, income and education levels, and ethnicities. In the list of the top three items most important to consumers was, you guessed it, convenience.

In response to a world that moves fast, healthcare organizations are finding new and better ways to meet their patients’ needs, offer convenience, but still deliver value.

At Spectrum Healthcare, we understand this completely.

“Patients, now more than ever, are looking for healthcare solutions that work with their busy lifestyles,” says April Rhodes, Spectrum CEO. “They want speed, efficiency, convenience, ease, and, of course, value. But convenience isn’t all: they want to be listened to; they want to be understood, they want their needs met fully and completely, and they want it done in a timely manner so that they can get back to work, school and life. They don’t want to compromise on care; they just want efficient care.”

“The matter of convenience is important everywhere we go,” April continues, “but nowhere more important than healthcare. After all, being sick means you don’t feel well, and nobody wants to wait to feel better. Patients want what we all want: minimal wait times to be seen, shorter waiting room times and a good availability of appointments. It is essential that healthcare organizations not only listen, but respond to the needs of their community. This is why in 2017, we expanded ALL of our services to ALL of our locations: Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and Sedona. It means that no matter what Spectrum Healthcare location you visit, you will be able to access all of our services under one roof: Primary Care, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Counseling. No more driving around to get the help you need; it’s all in one place. We even took it a step further by offering same day appointments, walk-in hours,  and a brand new E-Visit option coming very soon, allowing busy patients to access a healthcare provider via a “virtual visit” from the comfort of their computer or mobile device if they can’t make it in.”

“All these things work together for the good of the patient. The easier it is for someone to access care, the more likely they will continue to seek out care and adhere to their healthcare plan. The fewer obstacles people have to navigate; the fewer hurdles patients have on their path to Good Health, the greater the odds they will stay on the path. And that’s our goal.”

Engines, Brains, Bodies and Whole Healthcare

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An engine powers a car. It doesn’t matter how clean the interior of the car, or how new the tires are, or what scented cardboard tree is dangling from the rearview mirror, if there’s an issue with the engine, the car simply won’t work the way it should. And often, won’t work at all.

The brain is a lot like the engine of a car; it powers everything. It keep our systems functioning by coordinating and monitoring  the many physical processes that go on inside our bodies every second of our life. It isn’t a separate entity; it is a part of the body, no different than your arm, or your heart, or your stomach; actually, even more important, for without it, nothing else works. And when the brain struggles with things like depression and anxiety, it can disable the entire body.

For a very long time, though, the healthcare industry didn’t make the mind/body connection. Mental health and physical health were kept isolated and away from each other, which makes about as much as sense as keeping the engine out of a car. Patients needing help coping with mental issues were often given no more than a prescription by their primary care provider during a routine visit, and then sent on their way. Mental health issues weren’t fully addressed and the patient suffered.

Or a patient being treated by a mental health specialist often had to coordinate their own care when it came to being seen by a primary care provider. Two doctors treating the same patient for different issues in different locations…it’s easy to see how complicated that became  and, again, it was the patient who suffered.

Thankfully, all that has changed at Spectrum Healthcare.

Spectrum Healthcare is a leader in Whole Healthcare in the Verde Valley. Whole Healthcare is a one-stop approach to managing your health; it’s a philosophy that delivers a higher level of care because it has at its core all of a patient’s healthcare providers working together under one roof, which means no more bouncing between different doctors or being treated for mental health issues by a physician who doesn’t specialize in mental health.

The Whole Healthcare approach coordinates all levels of a patient’s care: lab results, treatments, medications, allergies, life-impacting events, wellness needs, education needs, goals and healthcare objectives between primary care and behavioral healthcare providers. This means that all of your healthcare providers engage in routine face-to-face communication, attend the same meetings and provide real-time consultations with one another regarding your care.

Whole Healthcare is patient-centered, and it is within this environment of total care that health professionals coordinate diagnoses and treatments so that they complement each other, rather than working in opposition. Prior to Whole Health, the lack of provider coordination often resulted in repetitive testing of even the simplest of procedures, costing the patient time and money. Uncoordinated care also meant that treatments and medications quite often interfered with one another, creating a whole new set of problems for patients. Whole Healthcare does away with all of that: care for your mind and body, all accessible from one place, resulting in better outcome

Spectrum’s Whole Healthcare approach combines three elements: Primary Care, Psychiatry, and Outpatient Behavioral Health services for children and adults all under one roof, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all our services to be a Spectrum patient. A Primary Care patient, for example, might be seen for annual check ups, flu shots, sore throats, diabetes management or blood pressure monitoring without ever having need for psychiatric services. The beauty of Whole Healthcare, though, is that should your healthcare needs change, those needs will be cared for and coordinated by a team that puts YOU first.


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You Are Our MVP

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Yesterday was the football game many wait an entire year to watch: The Super Bowl. Maybe your team was on the field; maybe you just watched for the commercials. Or maybe, the game was just a great excuse to get together with friends and laugh and cheer and eat good food.

But no matter the reason for watching, the Super Bowl is a marvelous study in teamwork. In fact, you can’t help but marvel at how the game is nothing without the team: everyone pulling his weight, doing his part to achieve success. Coaches, trainers, support staff, athletes and yes, even the fans, working as one for the same goal.

At Spectrum, we don’t work on a football field, but we do understand the importance of teamwork. It’s what Integrated Healthcare is all about: combining the efforts of all our doctors, healthcare providers and staff to create BETTER healthcare for our patients. We all join forces for one goal: YOU.

Because when YOU feel better, we consider it a “touchdown!” And that’s something to cheer about.web MVP

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