The Thankful Things

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the thankful things

Giving Thanks.

It’s so easy to do when things are going well; when Life is rolling along relatively bump-free, it’s not a problem to feel thankful.

When health is good

When the job is going well

When relationships are secure

But thankfulness gets harder when Life does.

Standing in the middle of a hurricane, it’s hard to see beyond what’s right in front of you; it’s hard to feel gratitude when the storm is swirling around you and the wind is howling in your ears.

But just beyond the storm, there is blue sky. We don’t always realize this, as we are too busy battling the storm to take notice, but rest assured, it is there. And with it, always something to be thankful for.


Quite often, those “thankful things” are the things we take for granted; the things we don’t even think about: the warm sun on our back, the sound of children laughing, music, a warm cup of tea, friendship.  The list goes on and on.

And the longer we think of these things, the more we find added to the Thankfulness List, and, well, that long list of thankfulness acts like a storm shelter.  It wraps around us to help insulate against the wind and the rain. It can warm a heart that has grown cold or strengthen a weary spirit.

So, if it is but ONE thing, give thanks, and watch what a mind centered on thankfulness can do.

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Do Less; Enjoy More

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You knew it was coming; you saw the Christmas decorations pop onto the store shelves a few months ago. Like many, you might have groaned and said, “Not yet!” But it didn’t matter, because as we waved goodbye to Labor Day, more and more shelves began to sparkle with the colors of the season.

And now it’s November 1st, which means the holidays are fully upon us, bringing with them their own, unique, holiday stress.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As you prepare for the months ahead: the shopping, the cooking, the events, the wondering “How the heck am I going to get it all done?” there’s a simple answer…don’t even try. This year, adopt a simple motto that will help ease stress and increase happiness:

Do Less; Enjoy More.

Many times, the items on our to-do list don’t really have to be done. We often put them there year after year because of tradition. Or guilt. Or both. We go overboard with all of the things we convince ourselves we have to do, and not just do, but do well. And the more we try to squeeze into the holidays, the less we actually enjoy them.

This holiday season, do away with having to do it all. It’s okay if dinner is late or the house is messy. It’s a very small price to pay for a calm spirit. Say “no” to those things that bring stress instead of enjoyment. Prioritize your daily routine to focus on enjoying the people around you. Take time out of your day for a walk or a quiet cup of tea.

Remember, the best way to enjoy the months ahead is to exit the Holiday Freeway and take a quiet side street. They’ll both get you where you want to go, but without the madness of the freeway, you’ll enjoy the ride so much more.


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Choose Joy

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Anger is easy.

Bitterness is even easier.

Think long and hard about the world

and the atrocities in it

and you can easily find your heart turning hard

No one plans on this

No one makes a conscience decision to become angry or bitter

But Life gives us two paths

And the easy one is marked “Bitterness Avenue”

It’s a well traveled road and it’s remarkably easy to navigate

You just walk down the road getting angry off at everything.


Doesn’t get easier than that.

In fact, Bitterness Ave. is the only place where you can go

from 0 to Offended in 1.2 seconds

It’s pretty amazing.

A lot of folks travel that road.

It’s easy to get there and it’s easy to stay there

There’s no real joy down that path, but, hey, it’s easy.

Which is why you find far fewer on the road adjacent to Bitterness Ave..

It’s called Perspective Lane

And it is not an easy journey

It’s tricky and you have to step around a lot of bumps in the road.

So many that you sometimes question if it’s truly worth the trouble

But if you open your eyes to what’s around you, you’ll see help along the way

Guideposts for your heart

Reminders that there is always something for which to be thankful

And you’ll need these reminders

Because all along Perspective Lane are shortcuts to Bitterness Ave

Back alleys that will take you right there

And they are usually lined with people so you think,

“Hey, maybe I should be there, too.”

But don’t give in.

See, Bitterness Ave is also lined with shops selling things like antacids and aspirin.

If you’re on that road, you’ll need these things frequently

For while Bitterness Ave is an easy road to travel

It’s very hard on your body

and spirit

So, when you find yourself at that fork in the road

Pick Perspective

Because joy is worth the effort.


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choose joy