Make a New DAY Resolution…Every Day

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On New Year’s Eve, we humans gather to usher in a brand new year. We build the moment into a ten-second countdown, blowing into noisemakers, throwing brightly colored confetti and making resolutions for the coming twelve months.

Nature, however, does not recognize the turning of a New Year. There is no clap of thunder or suspension of Time; no shaking of the Earth or a pause in its spinning. The Old Year slips into the New quietly; the only fanfare the movement of stars overhead.

Had you no calendar, it would be impossible to recognize this night from any other.

No, Nature does nothing special for a new year, however, Nature does recognize the New Day. And every 24 hours, it reminds us that anything is possible. For with every sunrise, it summons all its energy and pierces the darkness with brilliant light. Each morning, that light washes away the disappointments and failures of yesterday and fills the spirit with a renewed determination.

That sunrise means that yesterday is now in the past and a fresh new TODAY awaits us.

It reminds us that TODAY is what matters.

On this December 31st, maybe we should take a cue from Nature and not make New Year’s Resolutions, but, instead, Sunrise Resolutions.

For each day is new and filled with possibilities-we have but to reach for them. And, if we should fail in our attempts, and we will, we can take great comfort knowing that tomorrow we can try again.

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Spectrum Healthcare!


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Close Your Wallet and Pay it Forward

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Paying it Forward.

We hear the term all the time and it’s usually associated with doing a good deed for someone who then, in turn, does a good deed for the next person they encounter. We often hear it associated with monetary giving, like buying the coffee of the person behind you in line.

But Paying it Forward is so much more than that. It’s not something you pull out of your wallet…it’s an attitude and philosophy tucked firmly into your heart. And the great thing about paying it forward, is that it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day just a little brighter:

It’s volunteering.

It’s listening to a friend and giving support.

It’s “No, you go first.”

It’s giving heartfelt praise and compliments.

It’s holding open a door.

It’s letting go of grudges.

It’s being patient.

It’s giving a smile to someone who is having a hard time finding theirs.

It’s about making the world a better place by helping the people in it.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa


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Staying Happy Through the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us faster and faster each year, aren’t they? It seems like retailers remove the 4th of July merchandise from the store shelves and replace it with Christmas trees and holiday decorations. And we walk by and laugh at how incredible it is to see wreaths and snowmen in the middle of Summer.

And then, we blink…and the holidays are upon us.

And, let’s face it, those holidays can be pretty stressful.

After all, Life is already busy with all the little bits and pieces that must get done everyday between school, work, and home. And just when you think your plate can hold no more, the holidays are added:

Decorating…Shopping…Baking…Wrapping Gifts…School Parties…Sending Cards…Trying to find a parking space…Pulling out the strands of lights…Finding half the lights not working…Driving back to the store…Waiting in lines…

We start feeling overwhelmed and overloaded, and when that happens, it’s easy for the joy of the season to get crowded out.

To avoid this seasonal stress, it’s important that you take time to for yourself, time to take care of yourself, time to recognize that you are in control of this holiday season, not the mall or the commercials or even the calendar. YOU.

And, because you are in control, take small steps to help calm your spirit:

Balance out holiday indulgences of cookies or sweets with a quick walk around the block.

Take a quick 5-minute meditation break and just sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Make sleep a priority.

Spend time with friends and family to remind yourself of what is truly important.

And above all, be kind to yourself so you can keep the “happy” in the Holidays.



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Happy Thanksgiving

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On Thanksgiving, many of of us pause to reflect on the things in our life for which we are thankful. Usually, that reflection is wedged in between eating turkey and watching football, but it is there, nonetheless.

And it’s a Good Thing to set aside a day to focus on those things, but thankfulness shouldn’t be limited to one day, for in each life, there is always something worthy of our gratitude.  For this reason, we think Thanksgiving Day should be every-day. And no, this is not an attempt to justify eating pumpkin pie every day, although if that became a tradition, we wouldn’t mind.

And when we truly reflect on the things that make our hearts full, it’s always the little things that seem to top the list:

Our children’s laughter
The warmth of the sun
The food we eat
The people we call friends

These are the things for which we are forever thankful and yet, looking at the list, they aren’t “little things” at all. They are the wonderful bits of life that make life beautiful.

So, from all of us at Spectrum Healthcare, Happy Thanksgiving!

We count YOU, our patients and friends, among the things for which we are thankful…all year long.


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