I Want to be a Leaf

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I want to be a leaf. 

A leaf refuses to be anything but beautiful. 

It waits patiently for Spring and then slowly unfurls and takes its place on the branch. 

It’s soft green grows bolder as the days and months pass. 

It doesn’t fight the changing weather, but instead, is content to move, to become one with it. 

It holds on in sun and wind and rain. 

And then, when it knows its time is coming to a close, it doesn’t simply drop to the ground. 

No, instead, it takes one last breath and turns a brilliant hue, reminding those around it that all seasons of Life are beautiful. 

Yes, I want to be a leaf.

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A Thought on Veteran’s Day

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We work in a land that’s free
We live in a land that’s free
We love in a land that’s free

And we do so because of the men and women who allow us that privilege.

We learn history; we listen to stories; we watch “Saving Private Ryan” and think that, maybe, we have a clue about sacrifice.

We don’t.

No one does, except those that stood on that front line.

For those that served
For those that left the comforts of home and family behind
For those that died
For those that watched their friends die
For those that went into battle with the belief
that Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the conviction that something else is more important

For those who fought and bled and struggled and gave the last full measure of devotion…

Thank you.

The words are paltry and small compared to your sacrifice.

But they come from a grateful heart.


Happy Halloween

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Halloween is the time of year:

when fields are harvested

when days are shorter and shadows longer

when little ghosts and goblins run gleefully from door to door in pursuit of treats

when pumpkins become art and apples meet caramel

when a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie watched from the comfort of your couch always sounds like a good idea

when people of all ages dress in costumes and don masks in an age-old tradition of “pretend”

This Halloween, enjoy all the day has to offer.

Be safe. Be happy. And if you are lucky enough to be home to greet those tiny trick or treaters, whatever you do, don’t run out of candy.


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The Spectrum Healthcare Picnic

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We came.
We saw.
We ate.
We had a salsa competition.
We ate some more.
Children bounced down the bouncy slide. (They really need to make these for adults)

And we all, friends and family, spent a wonderful today together at our annual picnic.
It’s a really great thing to like the people you get to work with.

spectrum healthcare picnic

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