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On New Year’s Eve, we humans gather to usher in a brand new year. We build the moment into a ten-second countdown, blowing into noisemakers, throwing brightly colored confetti and making resolutions for the coming twelve months.

Nature, however, does not recognize the turning of a New Year. There is no clap of thunder or suspension of Time; no shaking of the Earth or a pause in its spinning. The Old Year slips into the New quietly; the only fanfare the movement of stars overhead.

Had you no calendar, it would be impossible to recognize this night from any other.

No, Nature does nothing special for a new year, however, Nature does recognize the New Day. And every 24 hours, it reminds us that anything is possible. For with every sunrise, it summons all its energy and pierces the darkness with brilliant light. Each morning, that light washes away the disappointments and failures of yesterday and fills the spirit with a renewed determination.

That sunrise means that yesterday is now in the past and a fresh new TODAY awaits us.

It reminds us that TODAY is what matters.

On this December 31st, maybe we should take a cue from Nature and not make New Year’s Resolutions, but, instead, Sunrise Resolutions.

For each day is new and filled with possibilities-we have but to reach for them. And, if we should fail in our attempts, and we will, we can take great comfort knowing that tomorrow we can try again.

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Spectrum Healthcare!


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