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A personal note from Spectrum’s CEO, Robert D. Cartia:

“Connie Svaleng, our Chief Financial Officer and 25 year employee of Spectrum Healthcare (formerly Verde Valley Guidance Clinic) leaves us today. We have been extremely fortunate to have a CFO in Connie that has always had the company’s best interest at heart with unparalleled financial/accounting skills to boot. Connie has done so much for this organization to make it what it is today. She is a professional of the highest caliber. 

On a personal note, the CEO in almost any organization I can think of, is extremely dependent on the CFO. I feel very blessed to have had such a great working relationship with Connie. She will be greatly missed.”
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It’s a dreary day full of gloomy weather. The clouds hang low and cluster together, filling the sky.   You sit in your airplane seat, watching the rain that has been threatening to make an appearance begin to whip against your window. It is cold and simply miserable. It feels as though the sun is shining nowhere.

And then, the plane takes off, and as it climbs through the clouds, you are suspended in a sea of dark grey…and then lighter grey…and then, the plane lifts itself above the clouds and in the blink of an eye,  the world is once again bathed in sunshine and blue skies.

And we marvel that it was there all along.

Clouds come into our Life all the time. They show up in the form of problems and difficulties and obstacles. They tend to cluster together, because, well, that’s what clouds do. And sometimes we experience so many of them, that it feels as though the sun will never shine again.

But…it does.

For the sun is always there. Always. All the clouds can do is hide its light for awhile, until we rise above them to find the blue skies again.

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