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Do you want to know what an awesome Employee of the Year looks like? It looks just like this!


Congratulations to Kim Thursby and a huge thank you for all you do!

From the official Press Release:

“For the second time, Kim Thursby has been selected as Employee of the Year by her colleagues at Spectrum Healthcare. Previously honored in 2008, Thursby’s selection for 2014 was announced by Spectrum C.E.O. Robert Cartia at the agency’s annual holiday party. Kim is a computer support technician who trains new employees in the use of Spectrum’s electronic medical records and other technology. She also keeps staff up to date on new technology and computer skills.
Thursby’s nomination stated that Kim is, “Always helpful with a smile. She is engaged in improving the work environment. She helps us with order issues, helping new doctors, troubleshooting, and teaching us new computer skills.” She is the person many Spectrum staffers call on when they need help with technology issues, or to set up a teleconference or other technological tools.
In response to her selection, Thursby said, “It’s an honor to be nominated and selected for a second time, especially being included with so many other wonderful candidates. I would like to thank you all.” Employee of the Year candidates are nominated anonymously and voted upon by their peers.
In addition to an Employee of the Year, the process also produces a list of employees who receive Peer Recognition Awards. Those receiving Peer Recognition Awards for 2014 are April Razo, Clinical Supervisor of the children’s program, Jody Marion, Adult Clinical Supervisor for peers and behavioral health workers, Pauline Lee Bock, Customer Service Representative, and Amy Stanley, Medical Office Manager.”


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Dear Me,

I’m writing you a letter from the future. Twenty years down the road. The future is an amazing place-I can’t wait for you to see it! The advances in medicine and science will blow your mind, however, be warned, we don’t have hovercrafts yet, your cell phone will still lose battery power at the worst possible time, and you will still have to wait in the line at the DMV.

But I’m not sending you a letter from the future to talk about any of that-you’ll find all that out soon enough.

No, I’m here to talk to you about YOU.

I know you’re going through some stuff right now, and it’s hard. Some days are harder than others; I remember it well. I can still feel the anxiety and the worry and the stress like it was yesterday. The sleepless nights are especially difficult. Make sure you keep some Chamomile tea on hand; it tends to help.

And you don’t know this yet, you really have no way of knowing because you’re still living it, but trust me…it will get better. It will. It might not feel like it right now, but see, dear ME, that’s just the thing: Now is just now-it’s not Always.

That’s the message I need you to hear.

You need to be kinder to yourself

You need to recognize that you are a worthy and wonderful human being, but you are human and with that humanity comes problems from time to time.

You need to realize that every one has problems of some sort. Everyone. Some wear them on the outside for the world to see, but many keep them tucked away, out of view. It doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

You need to remember that you are not alone. Ever.

And lastly, you need to remember that you have a future down the road, a future that you can make into anything you want it to be. No one writes the ending of your story but you.

So, take cheer, dear Me. You’ve got this.



(PS. And you might want to rethink eating that hot dog you’ll buy at the gas station on your next road trip. Trust me on this.)


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It’s flu season…that time of year when germs seem to congregate in one place. It’s kind of like a Virus Convention with each virus trying to outdo the next. And while there are many steps you can take to combat these germs-steps like eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking lots of water-one of the most effective steps is actually the easiest…

and a heck of a lot more convenient than wearing gloves all day.



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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new recommendations for when children should receive immunizations. Click HERE to learn more, including which children should receive early measles immunizations prior to their 12 month wellness visit and follow the chart below to stay on track.



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The Goal: I told myself last night that I was going to get up extra early and go for a walk before work and then on my lunch hour, I was going to go by the dry cleaners, and then the bank and then the post office, and then on my way home from work I was going to stop by the gym for some exercise and then stop by the grocery store and then make dinner and then reorganize my closet and then clean my office.

The Reality: The only things I ended up doing were going by the grocery story after work and making dinner. And then feeling bad that I didn’t accomplish everything on my list.

The Goal: I will lose 20 pounds in two weeks.

The Reality: I didn’t even come close and got so upset with myself that I ate an entire sausage pizza and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Sound familiar?

We so often make very ambitious goals- goals that require superhuman endurance and an extra 4 hours tacked on to the end of a day to make happen; goals so lofty they are doomed from the beginning.

And then, when we realize there is no way we can do them all, we berate ourselves as failures for not accomplishing them.

Goals are good things to have, necessary to our growth, but only if they are reasonable.

So, don’t set yourself up to fail. Make logical, attainable goals-make them manageable, and remember that goals are like promises you make to yourself.

So make sure it’s a promise you can keep.


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