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We love our community: the people, the businesses, the organizations…we are proud to be a part of the beautiful Verde Valley.

We are also proud to be members of the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce and as such, hosted our first Cottonwood Mixer-a monthly get together of chamber members right here at Spectrum. There was great food provided by Cork and Catch, and giveaways from many Chamber members, including Spectrum Healthcare goody bags. To all who attended, thank you and we’ll see you next month!

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On Thanksgiving, many of of us pause to reflect on the things in our life for which we are thankful. Usually, that reflection is wedged in between eating turkey and watching football, but it is there, nonetheless.

And it’s a Good Thing to set aside a day to focus on those things, but thankfulness shouldn’t be limited to one day, for in each life, there is always something worthy of our gratitude.  For this reason, we think Thanksgiving Day should be every-day. And no, this is not an attempt to justify eating pumpkin pie every day, although if that became a tradition, we wouldn’t mind.

And when we truly reflect on the things that make our hearts full, it’s always the little things that seem to top the list:

Our children’s laughter
The warmth of the sun
The food we eat
The people we call friends

These are the things for which we are forever thankful and yet, looking at the list, they aren’t “little things” at all. They are the wonderful bits of life that make life beautiful.

So, from all of us at Spectrum Healthcare, Happy Thanksgiving!

We count YOU, our patients and friends, among the things for which we are thankful…all year long.


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According to the World Health Organization, “1 in 4 people will be affected by some kind of mental or neurological disorder at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.”

And yet, despite all the information available, there are still many people who feel that a mental health disorder is something one can simply decide NOT to have; that it can be wished away or turned “off.”

So, what if people with physical illnesses and injuries were the given the same advice given to those suffering from mental and behavioral illnesses?  Can’t picture it? Well, artist, Robot Hugs, can, and has created a helpful cartoon to show just how that would look.


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I want to be a leaf. 

A leaf refuses to be anything but beautiful. 

It waits patiently for Spring and then slowly unfurls and takes its place on the branch. 

It’s soft green grows bolder as the days and months pass. 

It doesn’t fight the changing weather, but instead, is content to move, to become one with it. 

It holds on in sun and wind and rain. 

And then, when it knows its time is coming to a close, it doesn’t simply drop to the ground. 

No, instead, it takes one last breath and turns a brilliant hue, reminding those around it that all seasons of Life are beautiful. 

Yes, I want to be a leaf.

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We work in a land that’s free
We live in a land that’s free
We love in a land that’s free

And we do so because of the men and women who allow us that privilege.

We learn history; we listen to stories; we watch “Saving Private Ryan” and think that, maybe, we have a clue about sacrifice.

We don’t.

No one does, except those that stood on that front line.

For those that served
For those that left the comforts of home and family behind
For those that died
For those that watched their friends die
For those that went into battle with the belief
that Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the conviction that something else is more important

For those who fought and bled and struggled and gave the last full measure of devotion…

Thank you.

The words are paltry and small compared to your sacrifice.

But they come from a grateful heart.


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