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The tent has been taken down and packed away.

The chairs have been folded and stored.

The food has been eaten and enjoyed.

The crowd has dispersed and gone back to their homes and offices.

And our Spectrum Healthcare doors are wide open!

Thank you to all who came to our Open House. It was our privilege to show you around and introduce our Integrated Healthcare facility to our community. Thank you for sharing in our excitement and being a part of it. A big thanks also to Mr. Mike Uchrin, CEO of Health Choice AZ for being with us  and discussing the exciting future of healthcare in Arizona.

Our only regret is that we didn’t get to keep the big scissors.

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I have 3 wooden steps that lead up to my front porch. They aren’t steep, nor are they narrow, but they are spaced far enough apart to create a gap between the steps.

I also have a very small dog who has no problem running down the steps, however, when it comes to climbing up them to come back inside, well, then it’s a problem.

Except when it isn’t.

See, she can easily jump up the steps. She can even jump over the final step. She does it half the time. But the other half, she ends up sitting at the bottom of the steps, wagging her tail and waiting for someone to come down and pick her up.

Now, it’s not that she’s stronger on the days she climbs them, nor is she smarter.

Nor do the steps change in any way.

No, the times she easily navigates those steps are the times she doesn’t think about it. She’s busy doing something else and when it’s time to come inside, and she’s called, she doesn’t stop to think about their size or to wonder if she can, she just jumps up the stairs.

She doesn’t think about how she can’t. And so she can. 

We all have those steps in our lives; those situations that on certain days seem insurmountable. And the more we think about them, worry about them, stare at them, the more convinced we become that we “can’t.” And then we allow that thought to paralyze us and we are stuck.

As we head into a new week, don’t allow the steps in your life, whatever they may be, to overwhelm you. Don’t make them bigger than they are. You’ve hurdled them before. You’ve climbed them in the past.

Of course, you will do it again.


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When you’re excited, you want to celebrate!

And that’s exactly what we will be doing on Thursday, October 9 from 3-5 pm.


Because that’s when we are officially unveiling our brand new Integrated Healthcare Facility in Cottonwood, AZ as part of our Spectrum Healthcare Open House and we couldn’t be more excited!

Well, actually, we could…which is where you come in.

We are extending a warm invitation for you to join us at our Open House Celebration. We will have food, refreshments, tours of our new Integrated Healthcare Facility, and a wonderful keynote address by Mr. Mike Uchrin, CEO of Health Choice. We are thrilled to share with you the amazing things Spectrum’s Integrated Healthcare is bringing to our Arizona community.

And we will be doubly thrilled if you are there to share it with us.

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Ask any parent of a brand new baby if he/she is getting enough sleep and the answer will be, “No.” Actually, it will probably be, “Are you kidding me?”

Those nighttime feedings, although a precious time between parent and child, can wreak havoc on a body. Existing on a few hours sleep a night can leave a mind and body exhausted and when you’re exhausted, it’s easy to think, “This is my life now; I will never sleep again.”

But, you do.

For as your child grows and their sleeping patterns become established and colic is left far behind, so are those sleepless nights. Before long, they are a faint memory and you realize that although it felt much longer while you were going through it, it was really just a moment in time.

All of Life is like that.

As we encounter difficulties and struggles,  it’s easy to listen to the voice of Discouragement as it tricks us into thinking that “This is my life now; it will never get better.”

But Discouragement never has anything good to say,  so refuse to listen.

Instead, listen to Perspective, for Perspective will remind you of the truth:

That the sun will rise again tomorrow and bring with it a new day

And with that new day, new opportunities to start again or to continue putting one foot in front of the other to get you through this moment in time.

For now is just now…it’s not always.


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Pizza delivery in 30 minutes or less.
Drop 10 pounds in 2 days.
Microwave on high for 1 minute.

We live in a fast fast world. It seems almost everything around is geared toward the quick and the immediate. We not only want results, we want them RIGHT NOW. And, when results don’t happen as quickly as we’d like, we get frustrated. And when we get frustrated, we tend to stop trying.

And when we stop trying, well, we pretty much guarantee we won’t get results.

But think, for a moment, about the things in life that last: architecture, monuments, societies, relationships…they aren’t  built overnight. They take time to grow; to develop. They grow gradually, steadily. Personal goals and achievements are exactly the same way. They take time-most worthwhile things do. Sometimes it happens quickly and we are delighted, but most of the time, those worthwhile accomplishments require putting one foot in front of the other, day in and day out until, finally, we arrive at our goal. Sure, there are setbacks, but setbacks aren’t permanent-they are simply bumps in the road.

So although we live in a drive-thru-instant-overnight-microwave kind of world, just remember in all things: Slow and steady wins the race.

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