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We labor with our hands.
We labor with our bodies.
Mothers labor to bring new life into the world.
Artists labor to create.
We all labor to live.

To labor simply means to work, to put forth an effort both with our body and with our minds. And while laboring is indeed a Good Thing, for we labor to produce results, sometimes, we all need a break from our labors. A time to rest; a time put those labors on hold. Now, it’s easy to stop working. You simply put down your tools, whatever they may be, and walk away for a bit. It’s harder to stop the laboring of your mind, but even more important that we do, for our worries can tire us more than the labors of our body. And unlike the labor of our hands, the worried laboring of our mind only produces more worried laboring.

So this Labor Day, concentrate on the labors that bring Good Things.



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You know the feeling…your body aches, your head is pounding, you’re running a fever, even your skin hurts. You’ve spent the last half hour in the bathroom and feel reasonably sure you might never leave it. Ever. 

You’re definitely sick and although you’ll to go to the doctor, the last thing you want to do is drive around town afterwards to pick up a prescription. 

At Spectrum, you don’t have to, thanks to QoL Meds, our full-service, on site pharmacy.

With QoL Meds, you can see any of our Spectrum physicians, whether primary care or behavioral health, and then, on your way out, get your prescription filled. In fact, the pharmacy is right inside our lobby, so even when you aren’t sick, you can get your current medications refilled easily and conveniently.

So, remember our pharmacy is here for you…because it feels better to be home in bed than waiting in the grocery store pharmacy for a prescription to be filled.

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Mondays get a bad reputation. We groan over them, grumble about getting up for work, even songs are written about them: “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…” But Mondays are great, because they bring with them an opportunity to make THIS week better than the last. It’s a shiny new start that arrives every seven days. So, Happy Monday, Arizona!

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Social media sites are a great way to stay in touch with friends. Sites like Facebook allow you to share in someone’s life, even across the planet. It’s pretty remarkable, when you think about it: long lost friends have been reunited, connections have been made,  and countless online communities have sprung up, each geared toward bringing together people with common interests: Photography, cooking, sports, parenting…you name it, there’s a Facebook group for it.

But with as wonderful as sites like Facebook can be, they can also wreak havoc on one’s self esteem. Take the following status, for example:

“I just ran 12 miles and now I’m off to make a 10-course gourmet meal while my children play happily in the backyard. Oh and look, I lost another 5 pounds!”

Embellished posts like these can be a little disheartening when the closest you got to exercise today is wearing sweat pants, just ordered take-out pizza and had to referee your own children whose voices reached ear shattering levels over a toy they both wanted to play with at the same time.

If you’ve found yourself reading Facebook status’ and comparing your life to the seemingly perfect lives of those in your newsfeed, you’re not alone. Most of us have.  Just remember that what you are reading is just a tiny slice from the highlights of someone’s life; highlights that are often made to sound as wonderful as possible.

So enjoy social media for the all the good it brings, but remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect life…unless it’s on Facebook.





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There is nothing like a brand new box of Crayons.

I’ve been an adult a long time and I still get excited when I open a box: each crayon standing at attention like a colorful soldier ready for a child’s hand. And with so many colors, it’s difficult to pick a favorite. I was always drawn to Perwinkle-that lovely purply blue. It reminded me of the color of the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky.

As a kid, I didn’t think much about the significance of a box of crayons; like most children, I was too busy coloring a masterpiece. But, as an adult, I marvel at the colors.

Some are quiet, like “Sea Green,” and “Cotton Candy.”
Some are bold, like “Electric Lime” and “Atomic Tangerine.”

And they all coexist under one lid, in one box, because although different, their differences are valuable. You couldn’t color the ocean if every color in the box was pink.

I think people are a lot like crayons.

Some are quiet
Some are bold
Some sit in the front row of the box
Some the middle
Some the back

But no matter where they are in Life, each is necessary and each important. And each has their own story to tell and their own page to fill with their unique color. After all, no one crayon can create a masterpiece; you need the whole box to make it beautiful.

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