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Anger is easy.

Bitterness is even easier.

Think long and hard about the world

and the atrocities in it

and you can easily find your heart turning hard

No one plans on this

No one makes a conscience decision to become angry or bitter

But Life gives us two paths

And the easy one is marked “Bitterness Avenue”

It’s a well traveled road and it’s remarkably easy to navigate

You just walk down the road getting angry off at everything.


Doesn’t get easier than that.

In fact, Bitterness Ave. is the only place where you can go

from 0 to Offended in 1.2 seconds

It’s pretty amazing.

A lot of folks travel that road.

It’s easy to get there and it’s easy to stay there

There’s no real joy down that path, but, hey, it’s easy.

Which is why you find far fewer on the road adjacent to Bitterness Ave..

It’s called Perspective Lane

And it is not an easy journey

It’s tricky and you have to step around a lot of bumps in the road.

So many that you sometimes question if it’s truly worth the trouble

But if you open your eyes to what’s around you, you’ll see help along the way

Guideposts for your heart

Reminders that there is always something for which to be thankful

And you’ll need these reminders

Because all along Perspective Lane are shortcuts to Bitterness Ave

Back alleys that will take you right there

And they are usually lined with people so you think,

“Hey, maybe I should be there, too.”

But don’t give in.

See, Bitterness Ave is also lined with shops selling things like antacids and aspirin.

If you’re on that road, you’ll need these things frequently

For while Bitterness Ave is an easy road to travel

It’s very hard on your body

and spirit

So, when you find yourself at that fork in the road

Pick Perspective

Because joy is worth the effort.


spectrum healthcare ©2016

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You have questions about your health…a lot of questions.
And we LOVE that you do, because we have answers.

Our Spectrum team of dedicated Family Care and Pediatric healthcare providers has ONE goal: helping YOU feel better.

We accept most insurance plans, including AHCCCS, offer many same day appointments and even welcome walk-ins. And because we offer the convenience of an on-site pharmacy, you can get your prescription filled before you leave.

So keep the healthcare questions coming.
We’ll be here with the answers.


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From the Sedona Film Festival:

“The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to partner with the Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley to present the Northern Arizona premiere of the multiple award-winning film “No Letting Go” showing Thursday, May 5 at 4 and 7 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. (click HERE for ticket information)

The premiere is one of the kick-off events of Mental Health Month. 

“No Letting Go” will have a community conversation after both screenings with Rose Boerner, President of NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness, Sedona) and Lisa Moore, both with family members who have struggled with mental illness and who will share their personal stories about the challenges of a diagnosis and proper care for loved ones.

What would you do to save your child? Based on a true story and adapted from “Illness”, an award-winning short film, “No Letting Go” follows the journey of one family’s struggle to understand and cope with the erratic behavior and emotional instability of their son, Tim. The family’s world starts to unravel as they discover that their son’s increasing fragility is due to mental illness.

Tim’s painful, yet invisible, struggle to cope with everyday life takes its toll on his parents and the well-being of his brothers. Anger, resentment and conflict arise as Tim’s parents desperately search for answers. As his symptoms become more and more debilitating, his parents are faced with painfully difficult choices that will change their lives forever.

Tim’s family must play an integral role in finding the help he desperately needs, but will it be too late? Will love, strength and courage prevail to reveal the resiliency of the human spirit?

“No Letting Go” is a powerful film that gives a voice to millions of families who suffer alone and in silence. This poignant film honestly depicts the potentially devastating impacts of mental health disorders, which affect one in five children in the United States every year. The pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness prevents people from seeking the help they need. Sharing stories using the power of film is an important step towards opening and erasing stigma.

“This films shines the deserving, dramatic, breathtaking light on mental illness,” says actress and activist Kathy Najimy.

Janet Susin, president of the National Association of Mental Illness Queens/Nassau calls “No Letting Go” a “hopeful film that anyone can identify with who has had their life turned upside down by a personal tragedy and struggled to find answers.”

The Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley is participating in May’s National Mental Health Awareness Month with an extensive series of local programs to increase the awareness of and dialogue about mental illness. The theme for May is “Hope, Help and Healing”, a month of stories, opportunities, experiences, learning, performances and film. Each week during the month has a special focus including youth and families the first week, post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma the second week, suicide and depression the third week and creativity and the healing process the last week. Each week during the month, on Thursday, a relevant film will be shown at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre in partnership with the Sedona Film Festival.

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