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At Spectrum, we work every day to stay on top of the challenges and ever-evolving healthcare landscape so that no matter the changes, our patients receive the care they deserve. With that in mind, we are thrilled to congratulate Debi Pomeroy for recently receiving her Healthcare Compliance Certification. Debi spent countless hours preparing for her certification testing and her dedication deserves a round of applause. Congratulations!


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You Make Your Own Luck

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St. Patricks Day and four-leaf clovers go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, you are hard pressed to find a St. Patrick’s Day item: clothing, decoration, paper plate… that does not feature a four leaf clover somewhere in the design. We like those little clovers because they symbolize luck. More importantly, GOOD luck. And we all wish for that, don’t we?

But there’s a secret those four-leaf clovers aren’t telling you; a secret not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but every day of the year…

You make your OWN luck.

It’s not up to anyone else, which means YOU get to decide what kind of luck it is:

If you get stuck in traffic on the way to work, but thanks to leaving early, you still arrive on time…you just made your own luck.

If you are trying to lose weight, but fill the pantry with potato chips and cookies, causing you to grab a handful every time you go in there, well, you just made your own luck again.

And if the day simply falls apart through no fault of your own, but you smile in spite of it all, you just chose to make your own luck.

So, this St. Patrick’s day, grab a plate of corned beef and cabbage, hug a leprechaun, and remember that the luck you have is the luck you make!


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Thank You, Connie

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A personal note from Spectrum’s CEO, Robert D. Cartia:

“Connie Svaleng, our Chief Financial Officer and 25 year employee of Spectrum Healthcare (formerly Verde Valley Guidance Clinic) leaves us today. We have been extremely fortunate to have a CFO in Connie that has always had the company’s best interest at heart with unparalleled financial/accounting skills to boot. Connie has done so much for this organization to make it what it is today. She is a professional of the highest caliber. 

On a personal note, the CEO in almost any organization I can think of, is extremely dependent on the CFO. I feel very blessed to have had such a great working relationship with Connie. She will be greatly missed.”
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