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Crisis Intervention Training

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Thrilled to have hosted another Crisis Intervention Training on site at Spectrum this week, supporting and training local law enforcement in crisis intervention. CIT programs enhance communication, identify mental health resources for assisting people in crisis and ensure that officers get the training and support they need.

Thank you to all who attended and all who presented. So proud of the amazing men and women who make a difference in our community!

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Welcome to Our New Site

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A new name…a new website…a new presence online.

Well, here it is-our brand new Spectrum Healthcare website. And we couldn’t be prouder. Why? Because this website was made with YOU in mind.

The first thing you’ll notice are photos from the areas we serve. We are very proud to be a local healthcare provider. And when we say “local,” we mean our organization was born in the Verde Valley almost 50 years ago. We are proud of our community and the people in it. We wanted to remind you of that every time you visit our site.

We designed the new website with simplicity in mind. After all, nobody wants to get bogged down in a site that’s hard to use. And, we designed it as a way to keep in contact with you regularly. Our home page will always be new:  keeping you informed of changes within the healthcare system, sharing health tips, providing links to events within our community, etc…

You can also find us elsewhere online, like Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram. (And we promise not to share what we ate for dinner.) We hope you’ll find and follow us on those sites as well. You can follow the link on the homepage and it will take you right there.

We can’t express how excited we are to continue our journey with YOU, making integrated healthcare in the Verde Valley about health of mind and body.