Integrated care



Care at Spectrum Healthcare is different.

We have designed our systems to better care for your systems – both mind and body.  Our integrated care program (pediatrics through geriatrics) offers you the opportunity to have primary care and behavioral health services joined together and working for you!  We offer a full-spectrum of services designed to meet your needs.   Our team prioritizes care and communication, putting you at the center.

There is no denying the connectivity between mind and body – they greatly influence and impact each other.  In 2009, Spectrum Healthcare began providing integrated care  by bringing primary care into our traditionally behavioral health Setting.  Starting with a panel of 99 Primary Care clients, Spectrum Healthcare began a journey of best-practice in treating the whole person.  This journey led to a restructuring of roles, job-descriptions, culture, and care-delivery.

And our journey continues!

Integration is a system of healthcare delivery.  It is the coordination of general and behavioral healthcare.  It incorporates mental health, primary care, and substance abuse services.  This system is complex, with many levels of care, screening, communication, and education.  It produces the best outcomes and proves to be the most effective approach in caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.  Integration at Spectrum Healthcare seeks to provide these services with high quality, and ease of access.

In short – because it is better care.

Integration creates a better healthcare experience for you

Integration decreases the cost of healthcare delivery

Integration promotes better health outcomes

“People with mental and substance abuse disorders may die decades earlier than the average person — mostly from untreated and preventable chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that are aggravated by poor health habits such as inadequate physical activity, poor nutrition, smoking, and substance abuse. Barriers to primary care — coupled with challenges in navigating complex healthcare systems — have been a major obstacle to care. At the same time, primary care settings have become the gateway to the behavioral health system, and primary care providers need support and resources to screen and treat individuals with behavioral and general healthcare needs.”  – The Center for Integrated Health Solutions


Integrated services focus on your needs.  Our mission is to provide care that considers all aspects of your health, with unique recovery goals – for every client, at every care opportunity.  Your level of integrated services are based on you!  

Here are some unique characteristics of our integrated service:

  • Increased communication – Our team-members (behavioral health and primary care) have routine face-to-face communication, attend the same meetings, and provide real-time consults to one another. 
  • Coordinated care – Key information can be coordinated, based on your needs and consent.  Information can include lab results, medications, allergies, life-impacting events, wellness needs, educational needs, goals, and healthcare objectives.  
  • Evidence-based practice – Our care-delivery is researched, planned, reviewed, and revised based on current best-practice evidence.  We strive to provide you with the best care possible, improving your life.  
  • Screening – Cancer screening, substance abuse screening, chronic-disease screening, depression screening; and everything in-between!  Identifying a potential issue is the first step toward preventing it.  We routinely screen clients for things that may be not be readily apparent, or have not-yet been discovered.     
  • Disease self-management – We work for you.  You know your body, your life, your history.  You know the health obstacles you face.  We strive to come alongside you in the management of your diseases.  We want to empower your goals, and help you live a healthy and satisfying life.  Disease self-management enables you to take charge of your health and direct your care.  It helps you stay educated, well-informed, and maintain close communication with your healthcare team. 
  • Wellness – There are many elements of health.  Some elements are non-modifiable (for example heredity), while others are very modifiable (for example nutrition).  Wellness can be improved through decreasing stress, increasing exercise, making healthy food choices, and stopping smoking.  Spectrum Healthcare wants to assist you in healthy living.
  • At Spectrum Healthcare you can expect to receive quality integrated care: for mind, for body, for all of you

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