Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health looks at how behaviors impact our day-to-day life.  Our goal is to ensure that your mental wellness and physical wellbeing are discussed with you during your visit. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


There is no health without mental health. That truth has been the cornerstone of our organization since the beginning. Our team of psychiatric experts care for your mental health and are dedicated to your wellness of mind.


Whether individual or group, we offer many different levels of counseling for a variety of needs including Marriage, Family, Substance Abuse, and Grief.

Mobile Crisis Team

A mental health crisis can occur at any time of the day or night, which is why our Mobile Crisis Team is always on call. Working with local area first responders, we bring the right help to those in our community.

Support & Assistance

With individualized care, we offer recovery-focused services that allow individuals the opportunity to learn to manage their own recovery and advocacy process. With the help of our Peer Support staff, our patients learn to enhance the development of natural supports, as well as learn coping and self-management skills.

Men’s/Women’s Residential

Don't want to come into the office? Spectrum services can be provided via telehalth. Telehealth is a convenient way of meeting with one of our providers remotely to keep you safe and healthy. Our providers make it comfortable to meet with them via video conference or phone. Call 928-634-2236 to get scheduled for your virtual services.

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