You’ve Got Questions

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You have questions about your health…a lot of questions.
And we LOVE that you do, because we have answers.

Our Spectrum team of dedicated Family Care and Pediatric healthcare providers has ONE goal: helping YOU feel better.

We accept most insurance plans, including AHCCCS, offer many same day appointments and even welcome walk-ins. And because we offer the convenience of an on-site pharmacy, you can get your prescription filled before you leave.

So keep the healthcare questions coming.
We’ll be here with the answers.


Get What You Need Before You Leave

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You know the feeling…your body aches, your head is pounding, you’re running a fever, even your skin hurts. You’ve spent the last half hour in the bathroom and feel reasonably sure you might never leave it. Ever. 

You’re definitely sick and although you’ll to go to the doctor, the last thing you want to do is drive around town afterwards to pick up a prescription. 

At Spectrum, you don’t have to, thanks to QoL Meds, our full-service, on site pharmacy.

With QoL Meds, you can see any of our Spectrum physicians, whether primary care or behavioral health, and then, on your way out, get your prescription filled. In fact, the pharmacy is right inside our lobby, so even when you aren’t sick, you can get your current medications refilled easily and conveniently.

So, remember our pharmacy is here for you…because it feels better to be home in bed than waiting in the grocery store pharmacy for a prescription to be filled.

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