Spectrum’s Mobile Crisis Team Recognized by Local Law Enforcement

By February 20, 2017Community, Mental Health

Everything we do at Spectrum is to help our community feel better. We don’t do it for praise or acknowledgement, but to help our patients, clients, neighbors and friends get healthy and stay well. And although we don’t do it for recognition, it is so incredibly nice when our community recognizes our mission and joins with us.

We were thrilled and honored when our Mobile Crisis Team recently received this award from the Clarkdale and Jerome Police Departments. It reads:

“OnĀ February 1, 2017, Spectrum Behavior Health’s Mobile Crisis Response Team celebrated their one year anniversary for serving Easy Yavapai County. The team responds to scenes involving people in mental and emotional crisis. This flagship model program has been invaluable to their law enforcement partners, saving countless hours of field time for officers over the past year. Prior to the implementation of the mobile team, the only option police were afforded with mentally unstable citizens was to arrest and transport them to the service providers. Through the vision, prudence, resolve, and revelation, this team has greatly improved the quality of life in our area. By their exemplary service, unyielding commitment to excellence and humanitarian regard for their fellow man, Spectrum has reflected great credit upon their staff and their entire organization. It is with great gratitude that the Clarkdale and Jerome Police Departments recognize your selfless exemplary service and unyielding commitment to excellence.”

Thank you, again, to the Clarkdale and Jerome Police Departments, and to our Mobile Crisis Team for their unwavering dedication to our community.

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